Young African Entrepreneurs

Titus Mawano, 22.

During the last decade, many African countries have witnessed strong economic gains due to improved macroeconomic management and favorable business ventures from a global market.

To meet the demands of this growing market, an increased number of young Africans are pursuing higher education in business and commerce. These young men and women possess a vision and unparalleled optimism about Africa and the prospects it holds.

Below, we highlight some of the many young African entrepreneurs under the age of 30:

Kolawole Olajide
, 21

Chief Developer and Co-founder of Funda, an award-winning online program that puts together educational resources for students and teachers in South Africa.

Kolawole Olajide1

Neftaly Malatjie, 22.

Founder of  Diepsloot Youth Projects (DYP). A non-profit organization for young people which he has been running for more than eight years since he founded it at the age of 14. DYP focuses on income generating trainings and programmes that enable young people to find stable source of income using their acquired skills.

Young African Generation Making Up For Better Africa1

Best Ayiorworth, 19

Founded Girl’s Power Micro-Lending Organization, a micro-financing and education lending program that empowered more than 200 young women.

best ayiorworth

Titus Mawano, 22.

Developed the business management platform Ffene. Its reasonably priced software package enables small & medium enterprises’ (SMEs) owners to run their businesses more efficiently, make better decisions and save money on administrative costs.

Titus Mawano, 22.

As wars, famine, and bitter conflicts gradually subside in many African nations, an emerging breed of young and ambitious Africans are venting-off their pent-up skills to compensate for the lost time and opportunities to be able create a better future, not only for themselves, but for their motherland as well.

Sources: Congress of African Economists and  Bella Naija