Twiga Tours Safari Holidays in Kenya and Tanzania


Twiga Tours Safari Holidays in Kenya and Tanzania

If you want to live life to the fullest and to explore the beautiful and wild continent of Africa thoroughly, a safari holiday might just be the thing for you! Who better to guide you than Twiga Tours, which was recently ranked as the leading luxurious safari destination? This premier safari operator company is based in Nairobi, but has established offices in in Mombasa and Arusha, as well. Its booking system is very advanced and it will never leave any tourist hanging!

They offer a wide variety of services, such as airport ‘meet and greet’ transportation, safaris by private helicopter or aircraft, vehicle safaris, adventure safaris (which involve climbing, rafting, hiking, camel and horseback riding), special interest, hobby-related trips, wedding, event and conference packages and many more!

Even though Twiga Tours offer worldwide packages as well, they are best known for their East African tours, which involve exploration, safaris in the wild and beach escapades. Their safari planning is impeccable, with guests enjoying the comforts that the most elegant and luxurious hotels have to offer, in between trips! Staying in gorgeous rooms, strolling along in lush gardens, eating wonderful local and international food are only some of the various decadent delights visitors will be able to enjoy!

Apart from experiencing first-hand the wonderful moments a well-planned safari expedition has to offer, as far as animal sightings and appreciation are concerned, the Twiga Tours safari holidays offer various other activities, as well. Kite surfing, camel riding at the beach and hot air balloon rides are some of the options available to Twiga Tours’ customers.

To top things off in the sweetest way, Twiga Tours Safari Holidays have also been ranked as Africa’s most responsible tourism company, as the founders seem to have made it their live’s goal to help educate children, according to this quote found on the company’s ‘about us’ page: “I am deeply thankful for the wonderful work undertaken by my family foundation, the Manji Foundation, to support primary schools in underprivileged areas by building and equipping classrooms and dormitories, providing meals, educational materials and any other assistance necessary so that such children in need may access quality education and make a difference to their lives. Most parents’ greatest wish would be that their children will follow in their footsteps and I wasn’t any different…I, too, did! To have my two children, Shazmin and Rahim, return home after graduation in their respective fields and join the family business was wishful thinking but they did. I am glad that this isn’t a dream after all but has been my life of yesteryears!!

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