Top 5 Richest African Countries – 2015

Top 5 Richest African Countries – 2015


The following are the 5 richest countries in Africa:


5. Mauritius

Port_Louis,_Mauritius_at_night 2011-06-26_09-16-48_Mauritius_Rivière_du_Rempart_Cap_Malheureux 9968993125_5b0f1ee6d3_o 76566322_533eaeac3c_o

Mauritius has implemented a free-market economic model, creating a very competitive market. The country’s success depends on tourism, information technology and financial services. It is ranked as a middle income economy by the World Bank.


4. Botswana

1280px-University_of_Botswana_Faculty_of_Business Tsodilo_Hills,_Botswana 1280px-Chobe_Riverfront,_Botswana_(2611396458) 1280px-Jwaneng_Open_Mine

Botswana’s economy grew exceptionally rapidly, thus transforming it from a very poor country to a fast-paced middle income economy. The country’s economy is based on diamond mining, farming, tourism and financial services.


3. Gabon

Gabon_Loango_National_Park_View_of_Lodge_from_water 18739916091_5ac32c1233_o Beach_scene_Libreville_1

Although Gabon has declining oil production, it is still the fifth largest oil producer in Sub—Saharan Africa. An over reliance on the oil sector for the past 40 years has seen the country attempt to develop a more diverse economy, to little success so far. The high oil production within the country has helped them to develop and advance the education system within the country. Although with oil reserves running low maintenance of the school system is beginning to suffer with no alternative funding yet found.

2. Equatorial Guinea

Malabo_a_13-oct-01 View_on_Luba,_Bioko,_2013 Ureca,_Bioko_Island_Equatorial_Guinea 777px-Yellow-billed_Turacos_in_Equatorial_Guinea_2006

Equiatorial Guinea’s population is quite small, giving it a larger GDP per capita. You’d think that the country’s huge oil reserves would help improve the population’s quality of life, but until now the majority of the people are living under the poverty line.


1. Seychelles

Port-victoria_Seychelles 2011-06-26_09-16-48_Mauritius_Rivière_du_Rempart_Cap_Malheureux Seychelles_-_Anse_l'Islette 4239672043_238b135d00_o 16062535369_f44d7a2f2a_o 1280px-Anse_Marron-La_Digue-Seychelles

The Seychelles have the highest GDP per capita, and is the richest country in Africa. Its economy is based on fishing, shipments and especially tourism. The country has the best beaches in Africa, and also has many hotels and resorts, which are a favorite destination for the world’s most rich and famous people.

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