The Segera Retreat, Kenya

The Segera Retreat

The Segera Retreat, Kenya


The Segera Retreat is located in one of the most magical, exciting and charming environments of the continent, at the center of the Laikipia Plateau, which is situated between Mount Kenya and the Great Rift Valley. The region is full of wildlife, inhabiting the woodlands, grasslands and rivers of the Laikipia area, where water is abundant; the waterfall of the Segera river and the natural Ivy Springs attract loads of animals, reptiles, birds and critters. The area’s biodiversity is one of its strongest points, so it is protected and conserved on private and communal lands.

The Segera Retreat offers visitors the chance to experience a luxurious, sustainable way of life in the conservation, and to get inspired by the retreat’s ‘4Cs’ philosophy, which will help them take part in  many activities in a meaningful, enjoyable and conscious way. It brings together Conservation, Community and Culture, within the realm of Commerce.

Available accommodations include the Villa Segera, a romantic property aimed at couples, consisting of two wooden houses which are connected via a swing bridge, which also features a veranda, a private garden and a pool, six timber and thatch villas which are built on elevated wooden platforms, to ensure the best views into the surrounding environment, which feature private viewing decks with lounge chairs, swinging beds and private outdoor hot tubs, and the Segera House, which is made of stone, has enough room for four people, and features a raised observation deck, a private garden and a pool. All of the villas are decorated with fantastic works of African art and various antiques.

Enjoy some photos of this paradise on earth!

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