The Richest Man In Ghana – Charles Ampofo


The Richest Man In Ghana – Charles Ampofo


According to AMC, Charles Ampofo is currently at the top of the list of the 80 richest individuals in Ghana! Charles Ampofo is the chairman and Founder of a group that is involved in a wide varietyof activities, called ‘Kampac Group’. His business endeavors extend from Dubai to the Ivory Coast, the UK, Greece, Jordan, Nigeria, Senegal, Venezuela, Canada, Ghana and SA.

Kampac Oil, which is an oil and gas firm, is supposedly the most successful of his companies, and has helped him amass his fortune. Other companies in the group include Kampac Flora, Kampac Telecom, Kampak Resources, Kampac Travels and Kampac Properties.

In 1999 this industrious businessman founded the Universal Transfer Service, which is a Financial and Funds Transfer company, and eventually led to the creation of a vast multi-banking network in Cote d’Ivoire. The company, which has 24 banks under its wing, has grown exponentially over these past 10 years.

Charles Ampofo has also created the largest energy city in the world, somewhere in the Philippines, which is going to be one of the most important oil companies in the Far East! Furthermore, he has been a member of the Global Fortune Forum for the last 10 years.



Meet Ghana’s richest man, Charles Ampofo