The Majlis Boutique Hotel, Manda Island


The Majlis Boutique Hotel, Manda Island


The Majlis Boutique Hotel is located on an island of the Lamu archipelago, and it’s surrounded by lush mangrove forests, palms and gorgeous sandy beaches. Its original concept was that of an Italian family’s winter vacation home, however it has become one of Africa’s most luxurious beach resorts!

Accessible exclusively by boat, this intimate boutique hotel is situated on one of the most gorgeous beaches in the word, offering beautiful views over the Ras Kitau Bay. The Majlis architecture and decoration are carefully designed, with an attention to detail, so as to capture Lamu’s traditional style and heritage, in a combination of Swahili, Arabic, Indian and Italian elements.

The hotel’s guests may choose from 25 superior, deluxe, junior or royal rooms and suites, in 3 luxurious beachfront villas. The villas are built using local materials, and are decorated with authentic artifacts and heirlooms, not to mention a private art collection! Their huge verandas open onto the beach, the garden or the Indian Ocean, and are perfect for relaxing in between activities.

The spacious rooms are elegant and chic, with traditionally high beamed ceilings and feature large windows, and feature carefully handpicked and luxurious furniture and accessories, whose color scheme revolves around neutral, clean tones, and white.

The resort also has a restaurant roof bar, an open-plan restaurant and a kitchen where 7 chefs do their best to create the most pleasurable dining experiences for their guests!

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