Prince Arthur Eze, oil magnate – Nigeria


Prince Arthur Eze, oil magnate – Nigeria


Prince Arthur Eze is a Nigerian oil tycoon, and one of the richest and most powerful men in Africa. His net worth is currently higher than $5.8 billion, and he is a very industrious businessman, as well as a generous philanthropist. He is also known to have connections to Nigerian politics.

Prince Arthur Eze is a descendant of tribal royalty, hence the title. He went to the St. Augustin Secondary School in Nkwere, and moved on to study mechanical and chemical engineering at the California State University. His company, Atlas Oranto Petroleum, which takes part in various oil exploration activities in West Africa, is one of the largest holders of oil exploration blocks in the continent, and just keeps growing.

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Prince Arthur Eze has many luxurious automobiles, including 5 models of glittering Rolls Royce models and a private jet. In fact, his jet was the first the ver land at the Enugu Airport in Nigeria, in 2013, an honor for which he thanked President Jonathan publicly. His lifestyle certainly is one befitting a man of his status, and he is well-known for his donations and support to political causes and parties, and his connections in the political arena of his country run deep, which is why some circles refer to him as ‘the Godfather’. This powerful man has often earned major government contracts, such as the project involving constructing the Anambra State Broadcasting Service and TV Studio.

Image Credit: The City Reporters

As for controversy and headline news-worthy incidents, there are only a few; Prince Arthur Eze made inflammatory comments about Abia State, accusing it of ‘stinking’, which created a scandal. Furthermore, last year he claimed that anyone opposing President Jonathan’s reelection would perish; ‘Jonathan is our brother, God gave him power and anybody fighting him is fighting God, the person will perish and I don’t want perish…Now all of us will support him, he is fighting for all you the new generation…He has started changing the lives of Nigerians, the widows, the orphans, the needy. That is the will of God.

Recently, at the South- East Widows Empow­erment Programme or­ganized by 4J-2015 For Jonathan, Prince Arthur Eze said, ‘I am happy that this thing is happening while I am still alive. It is Dame Jonathan that asked to gather together all of you widows in the South East who have been suffering since the defunct Biafran Republic and civil war in Nigeria. She is concerned about your sufferings and has promised to assist you with empowerment items. She has also promised to build industries for you, where you will work and earn a living. I am doing this because our politicians do not care, they are crimi­nals, and they are greedy. But President Jonathan is not like that, he is humane and listens to the cries of poor Nigerians and has been working hard to ame­liorate their sufferings. With what our Mama Peace is helping us to do, your tears will be wiped away.

Despite his power and his immeasurable wealth, though, Prince Arthur Eze remains a kind person at heart, and he didn’t hesitate to donate $12 million to help fun the construction of  an Anglican Church Youth Development Center in Otuoke, and also gave away about $6.3 million to assist in flood relief efforts in Nigeria, in 2012. Besides these huge one-time donations, he consistently donates large sums to educational causes and institutes.



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