Patrick Mavros, African Luxury Jewelry And Accessories Brand


Patrick Mavros, African Luxury Jewelry And Accessories Brand


Patrick Mavros is one of the most talented silver sculptors in Africa, who lives a bon viveur lifestyle and works on his masterpieces from his estate, in the wild hills outside Harare, in Zimbabwe. His workshops, his family’s home, their wildlife sanctuary, the offices and the reception, as well as his sales studio, are built in such a way that they form a beautiful small village!

Patrick Mavros is more than just a master sculptor; he is a talented and passionate storyteller, who strives to capture the form and essence of the African wildlife, and particularly that of the birds of prey, which have always fascinated him. His good luck shone upon him when he met and fell in love with Catja Halsted, who supported him and helped him blossom as a master sculptor! When they were newlyweds, Patrick carved a pair of earrings in the shape of roses, which are her favorite kind of flower. This pair of earrings, which was created simply because of his desire to please his beloved wife with a personal and original gift, was so well received by her and all of their friends, that soon the young artist was getting numerous requests for similar earrings.

Patrick Mavros started experimenting with different techniques, tools, and materials, and soon he started his own full-time business. His love for his creations shines through them, and he works on his subjects attentively, with his own unique scultping technique.

He usually yses lost-wax castings for his creations, where moulds can only be used once. This way, his pieces are all uniquely hand-made. His material of choice is silver, because it symbolizes the precious nature and the purity of his favorite subject; wildlife.

Nowadays, Patrick, Catja and their four sons, along with a loving pack of dogs, parrots, horses and many friends live happily in the family’s estate. Furthermore, Patrick Mavros treats all of his customers in an open, friendly, welcoming manner! We would love to visit him and have him talk to us about his art, his collection and the wonderful estate he has created!



Patrick Mavros