Mercedes-Benz Supporting Ghana Fashion And Design Week

Mercedes-Benz Supporting Ghana Fashion And Design Week


We are used to having Mercedes-Benz, the world-renowned luxury car brand, backing various fashion events around the globe, so it was no surprise to find out that the Ghana Fashion & Design Week 2015 event will be supported by Silver Star Auto Ltd. Ghana, which is the only agent of Mercedes-Benz in the country!

We appreciate Mercedes-Benz’ commitment to promoting and supporting emerging fashion artists, and we applaud their efforts of creating the best possible opportunities for young design talent by investing in education and entrepreneurship, giving them the chance of becoming productive members of an international market.

We believe this year’s GFDW will be a huge success, with the help of Mercedes-Benz, of course, especially after hearing about the special “Style & Steel” event, the Luxury Xmen Spa & Grooming Bar prize for the lucky winners, the 20% Grooming Gift Reward, as well as the 10% Fashion Gift Reward for the ladies!

Enjoy some inspiring GFDW photos and videos!


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