La Mamounia

La Mamounia–  Marrakech, Morocco

A Moroccan Gem 

La Mamounia hotel has to be one of the most exquisite luxury destinations I have seen. It is completely breathe taking! The architecture alone won me over, beautiful color schemes and great structures; almost comparable to a palace. And the feeling you get at La Mamounia, is that of royals indeed.

To add to its amazing comfortability, La Mamounia has an amazing grassland. Filled with delicious fruits and eye-pleasing flowers; a walk through the park must be included on the itinerary. The area set in  La Mamounia for the beauty of mind and body, of course has elegance that upholds the opulency of the hotel. With different products specifically cultured for the guests if the La Mamounia.

Offering cultural stimulation such as art exhibitions and beautiful Moroccan music, La Mamounia is sure to add an artistic third eye for all its guests. Amongst artistic features, the hotel also hosts different literature events where the culture behind writings are given prizes. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy all of this while also experiencing the delicious, exotic delicacies of vibrant country such as Morocco?!

All in all, La Mamounia gets an applause and more for their beautiful decor, amazing structure and great service.

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Images: La Mamounia


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    Marcos Limoli

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    Maroc in Style

    Couldn’t agree more! La Mamounia is a gem and has proven over time its capacity to renew itself

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