How Do South Africa’s Super Rich Create Their Wealth?

How Do South Africa’s Super Rich Create Their Wealth?


According to a report by New World Wealth, South Africa’s 2060 local ultra rich businessmen and women (high net worth individuals), who are each worth $10 million and up, come from various business sectors.

Financial services (19,5%) seem to be these multi-millionaires’ primary source of wealth, followed by Real Estate and Construction (16,2%). Various other sources of wealth include basic materials (13,6%), retail (7,8%), tech and telecoms (7,1%), healthcare (3,9%), transport and logistics (3,2%), manufacturing (2,9%), media (2,6%), hotels and leisure (1,9%), oil and gas (0,6%) and more.

More specifically, according to a list recently published by Forbes, the following are the top 7 richest people in South Africa and their business fields:


#1 Johann Rupert – R 91.9 billion – Luxury Goods


#2 Nicky Oppenheimer – R83.2 billion – Basic Minerals

Nicky Oppenheimer


#3 Christo Wiese – R78.3 billion – Retail

Christo Wiese


#4 Koos Bekker – R28.6 billion – Media

Koos Bekker Forbes



#5 Patrice Motsepe – R27.3 billion – Basic Minerals

Patrice Motsepe Forbes



#6 Stephen Saad – R26.1 billion – Healthcare

Stephen Saad Forbes



#7 Allan Gray – R19.9 billion – Investing

Allan Gray Forbes




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