Finds: Aston Martin The One-77 Car Model

Finds: Aston Martin The One-77 Car Model

For the man or woman who has everything, the One-77 Model – crafted from the finest quality sterling silver and rosewood – is the ultimate home or office accessory.

Scaled to a ratio of 1:17, the model is brilliantly true to its supercar inspiration. Now we’re not going to say that anything matches up to the real deal but, from its perfectly proportioned form to the just-right curving of the body, this is the next best thing.

Displayed on a rich wooden plinth – accented with the Aston Martin wing logo – the graceful model benefits from a textural and colour contrast which makes it utterly covet-worthy.



One-77 Car Model pic One-77 Car Model ASTON MARTIN The One-77 Car Model The One-77 Car Model

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