Dear Rae Handmade Jewelry Brand


Dear Rae Handmade Jewelry Brand


Dear Rae is a handmade jewelry brand which takes gold, silver, brass, copper and gemstones, and turns them into precious handmade works of art! The brand celebrates the beauty of natural, simplistic forms and elegant lines, creating little treasures that you can enjoy wearing everyday.

The founder of Dear Rae, Karin Rae Matthee, studied Fine Art at Stellenbosch University, and also at Pforzheim Hochschule, in Germany. Her expertise is evident in each one of her designs, which are inspired from her mixed South African and German heritage.

Karin Rae’s dream to empower local South African artists, by providing them with ethical employment, has helped her expand and evolve her business. Every piece of jewelry in Dear Rae’s collections is generally designed and made by Karin herself, and her five carefully selected manufacturers, who all work with her at her Cape Town studio/workshop.

The artists strive to use mainly ethically sourced or recycled materials, so the brand’s business model is both sustainable and ethical! The brand’s rings, pendants and bracelets are classic, timeless pieces, which carry meaning and tell the stories that inspired their creation. The company’s ethos is to create simply, but well, and boy, do they!

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Dear Rae