Chitabe Lediba


Chitabe Lediba

Botswana is a beautiful country in Africa filled with lush nature and intriguing wildlife. In it’s palm, Botswana holds the unique Chitabe Lediba camp. The camp itself is a host of grassland, Acadia forest and shallow bodies of water. An experience where you will enjoy the sightings of many exotic animals including buffalo, elephant, lion, warthog, kidu, hippo, giraffe. Leopard and much more throughout the year.

Many outdoor activities make the Chitabe Lediba Canp the perfect escape for people to bond with nature. With such an open area, the camp offers 4×4 land rovers to experience the scenery. They also service a walking safari to their guests, in which the guest can have an up close and personal look at all of the natural beauties of Botswana.

Sure to please any lover of nature. Chitabe Lediba Camp is a great trip, sure to leave you with exciting memories!


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Images Courtesy of Wetu