Akindele Decker


Akindele Thomas Michael Decker (ATMD) is an award-winning Poet and Writer from Sierra Leone, West Africa. His poems have appeared in several publications and his work has been featured in various platforms. He is also a freelance writer and has written for several magazines. As a Technology & creative enthusiast, he has contributed a mix of creative talents and technical skills to several organizations and initiatives fostering innovation and social engineering in communities. He is currently a member of the Digital Strategy team for Global Minimum (GMin). GMin facilitates "Innovate Salone", an initiative which operates in Sierra Leone, Kenya, and Cape Town. In addition to his passion for Technology, Akindele also demonstrates an active passion for history. He currently serves as the Director of Communication & Educational Activities for the Society for the Preservation & Presentation of Krio History; and the Secretary-General for the Sierra Leone-Gullah Heritage Association. He is currently working on a few projects including two books, an anthology of poems, and a few entrepreneurial ventures.