The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch

The hype surrounding the Apple Watch was phenomenal, just as it always happens with most of Apple’s products. This time, though, something was different; Apple chose to create an innovative version of what some might refer to as an already obsolete type of accessory!

In the era of smartphones, who would want to wear a watch, even if it was a ‘smart’ watch created by one of the most popular companies, with the most hardcore fans ever? We could just tap our phones and voila; the time would be in plain view! Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not like that.

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The thing is that the Apple Watch is, above all, a statement, a status symbol. The wearer is in a place where he can comfortably afford this object of lust, this piece of jewelry – because it is quite beautiful – not so much for utilitarian purposes, but more so for the way it looks on their wrist!

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The two available sizes and the three Watch models (Sport, Watch and Edition) are very well crafted, as is usually the case with Apple products, and the construction and material quality of each and every one of them is stellar. The design is smooth, sleek, detail-oriented and so, so pleasant to the touch. The OLED screen, despite its smaller size, is also very sophisticated and polished. Every little element of the Apple Watch can attest to its superior class, and whoever is lucky enough to own one will definitely be left in awe at the gorgeous design and its luxurious aesthetics.

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In the smartwatch niche, there really is no competition for this awesome gadget! App-wise, there is pretty strong support backing the Apple Watch, with many personalization options, fitness tracking and heart rate monitor that can send your heartbeat to your loved ones in real-time! It will alert you when you have incoming email, but the absence of a keyboard makes it pretty tough to reply. Your only options would be to either use pre-made templates, or try dictating to Siri. You can make calls, which is an ok experience, and you can also text, which is an even better experience. As you can see, the Apple Watch offers an array of pleasant, but not absolutely necessary features!

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However, there are a few cons to the Apple Watch; for example, apps that have been developed by third parties don’t always work as they are supposed to, or they can appear slow and unresponsive. A major issue for many prospective buyers is, of course, the pricing. With prices ranging from $349 to more than &10k, owning an Edition model, which is made out of 18 carat rose or yellow colored gold, will only be reserved for the wealthiest among us!

Regardless, we believe that the Apple Watch is a must-have for gadget aficionados who love to run, are into fitness, or who’d just love to be alerted to their new messages by a gentle nudge on their wrists! The Apple Watch IS the future, and we’re looking forward to see what else they will think of next!

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