Alara, Retail Concept Store – Victoria Island

Alara, Retail Concept Store – Victoria Island


A new luxury retail concept store, Alara, was recently founded by Reni Folawiyo, on Victoria Island, in the heart of Lagos.


In a world where most people still scrape by on less than $2 per day, businesswoman Reni Folawiyo, who incidentally is married to a multi-millionaire, decided to create a spot where the super-rich minority of the shoppers could satisfy their appetite for the most luxurious and expensive products. Alara carries the crème de la crème in fashion, interior design and luxury goods. Customers may discover the latest from many world-renowned brands, such as Maki Oh, Alexander McQueen, Tiffany Amber, Peter Pilotto and others.

The bold, black and orange-colored building that houses Alara was designed by a very popular architect, David Adjaye, and the food served on site is created by one of the best chefs in Africa, Pierre Thiam. The store sells various products, mainly related to fashion, art and design, and it also features a gourmet restaurant serving ‘New Africa cuisine’ dishes. What more could Africa’s ultra-rich ask for?

The concept of the store revolves around catering to the particular taste and needs of African women, who usually love colour, are dramatic, and enjoy expressing themselves by adorning their outfits. The store strives to bring merchandise that is especially geared towards the African temperament, which is why it offers a personal styling and shopping service.

Reni Folawiyo dreams of creating a place for Lagos’ youth to mingle and draw inspiration from, sort of a cultural reawakening, and we believe she has certainly accomplished that goal!

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