African Millionaires: Michael Macharia

This is a continuation of a series featuring millionaires across Africa who have turned heads with their dynamic approaches in the business, oil, and technology industry.



Michael Macharia, 36, is founder and CEO of  Seven Seas Technologies, a highly reputable IT company in East Africa he founded at the young age of 25. The 50 million dollar (annual sales) company is a leading provider of integrated business and technology solutions across Africa in the telecom, financial,  government, and real estate industry.

From humble beginnings SST Group has grown from a tech start-­up to a major corporation in East Africa. He has received several accolades for excellence, performance and growth and has major customers include the region’s largest telco companies, banks and government institutions.

Through his organization, Michael has been able to give back to the community through the sponsorship of the Knowledge for Life Initiative, a program focused on facilitating the growth of students by offering career counseling. This initiative later assists students to secure jobs or become an entrepreneur. Knowledge for Life also mobilizes the Seven Seas Technology staff to mentor young students who lack a supportive family or environment.

Michael is also an art & architecture enthusiast and has  plans of building an African venture capital that will be involved in technology start-­up companies that will redefine the African technology market through convergence of relevant technology and society. Michael also serves as the Founding Curator for the Kenya Chapter of the World Economic Forum and Global Shapers Community .