African Luxury Magazine Interviews Hassanatu Sana Kanu-Idibia!


African Luxury Magazine Interviews Hassanatu Sana Kanu-Idibia!


We recently interviewed one of our favorite girls, Sierra Leonean actress and businesswoman Sana Kanu-Idibia! We asked her about her life, and her honesty and character shone through each and every answer she gave us!


Where does your passion for beauty and fashion stem from?

For me everything of interest and passion stem from within. We all have the deep rooted burning desire to showcase our love and passion that’s within us to the world, and once we have the opportunity to face the bull, we have to grab it by the horn and run with it. I had the opportunity to work on the set of Daddy’s little girl (as a Personal assistance for Idris Elba) . while on set, the conversation, the drive and the glamour I witnessed with the ladies and men , plus the general public gave me the assurance to focus on my work. I am not saying it was on the set I started dreaming about beauty and fashion, but it was on the set I realized dreams are meant to come true and I am here sharing mine with the world.

We love strong, independent women. Which one of your numerous accomplishments are you most proud of, up until now?

Truth be told my children. God has blessed me with two beautiful children and a great husband and I am thankful forever. But beside my family, as an independent woman I am most proud of my courage, my drive and my optimistic spirit. We are in a business where people give up easily, and I am still here going on and pushing hard . I am not saying it’s easy but I am thankful God has given me the heart to fight. To really sum up your question, I can tell you I am proud of my movie career, my business, Sana hair collection and most of all like I said my family but I am not looking at the things I have accomplish, I am trying to elaborate about the spirit, the drive and the courage that God has showered down on me to get things done.


You are so beautiful, and in such fantastic shape -even after having two kids! Do you have any beauty or fitness tips you would like to share with our readers?

When you have two kids and they running around the house and you have to chase them, trust me you going to be in fantastic shape. But let me say thanks for the compliment. I really make sure I eat healthy and try to not to eat after 8 pm, but sometimes it only natural that I slip and have some big meal. Concerning my beauty, I get it from the most beautiful woman in the world, and that is my mother. I always make sure i cleanse my face before going to bed and use organic product.

What is your opinion on style? Is it entirely a matter of personal taste, or are there any general guidelines we could all follow in order to look our best?

Its a combination of both with a standard rule of knowing what to wear and what not to wear. Just because it look good and right on a mannequin doesn’t mean its going to look good on you. I am not trying to be disrespectful but the first rule of life in general is to be true to yourself.

How did you decide to launch your luxury hair line, Sana Hair Collection?

I decide by observation, since I am always doing different hair style I realized it will be fair enough to share that side of me with the world. I personally have a different perception for hair, I love good hair. If there is any way I can enhance the beauty industry, I wanted to start with hair and that’s how the decision of Sana Hair collection started. To me, hair is not only about changing looks, but its also about expression, to be able to express oneself and make a statement. I strongly believe in that Your hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self love.

What sets Sana Hair Collection apart from other hair brands?

I personally involve with every single strand of hair. When I said every single strand I really mean every single strand. I am like the Howard Hughes when it comes to hair. I make sure it is right, and I encourage the feedback and examine every thread and needle that is used. Sometimes my customers will say “Sana you treat these hair like a mother treat her kid” and I will reply, if I can’t make my passion looks amazing, what am I doing it for. In this business its all about trust, and when people gave you their trust, you make sure you are worth being trusted. I used my hair, and I want everyone to have the best quality and that’s what Sana Hair Collection is all about, quality and satisfaction. Do you know how it feels when a customer call or text saying thank you? its priceless and I adore it.

Where do you source such high quality, gorgeous hair from? How does that work?

I deal with the very best in the business. They saw my passion and they were excited to work with me.

Sana Hair Collection has taken off! What does it feel like, helping so many women feel beautiful and self-confident?

Its feels highly rewarding, being able to be part of helping women feel beautiful and self-confident is an amazing feeling. I enjoy it and I welcome it at all the time.


Which aspect of your professional life are you more focused on, at the moment? Will we have the pleasure of seeing you on the silver screen again soon?

I am more focus on Sana Hair Collection, its a very important venture for me at this point. I am just finishing a movie called Sudden Change of Heart, co-star with Terrence Davis a new kid and written and directed by Ishmael Kanu. It will be out soon, its a great project and its all about women empowerment, you’re going to love it.

Apart from being a successful business woman and a very talented actress, you are also happily married, with two beautiful children! What are your hopes for the future, regarding both your professional and your personal life?

First I will say, I hope and pray whatever I look forward to in the future is also in God’s plan. I am very optimistic and willing to work in order to achieve my dreams, stay happily married, raising my kids and growing in all expect of my life.


Inspiring, isn’t she? We certainly wish Sana Kanu-Idibia and her family all the best, and we’d like to thank her for taking the time to answer our questions!


(Photos Credit: Styling by Sai Sankoh, model Sana Kanu in a ‪#‎zoearku‬ design. Photographs by Ksenia)


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