“Africa: Dark Continent, White Snow”

Next to the blue swim shorts and straw hat; beside the sunscreen and tan lotion; based on where you are planning to travel next in Africa, a thick warm winter coat may be your best travel item in your luggage.   Africa, with its 52 countries, have always been given the brand as the dark, hot continent, and for some, one large country.  Among the many stereotypes of the continent is the misconception that heat is an unchanging weather pattern regardless of where you are.

While it is very unlikely to see snowfall in many African countries, the contrary can be found in a few others scattered across the continent.

Morocco’s Atlas Mountains are perfect for skiing.   There is a thriving skiing industry there, where adventurers interact with the local Berber people, native to the area.  Oukaimeden is one of Morocco’s best ski resorts, with hotels, restaurants, and many other facilities that altogether makes a trip there quite fulfilling.


OukaÔmeden, Ourika Valley by Keith Holmes

Wear gloves, secure ear muffins and prepare to build the best snowman in Algeria, South Africa, and Swaziland.  While snow is not a regular occurrence in these countries, it is not impossible to experience it during the colder seasons.


Morocco’s “Little Switzerland”



“The Hodna Mountains under snow, near El Hammadia, Algeria” courtesy of Yann Arthus Bertrand