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sai sankoh

Hi, my name is Sai Sankoh.

My immense passion for fashion and travel led me to create Because I am Fabulous, then Lust Fab?, and now  the newly launched African Luxury Magazine.

 I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to African Luxury Magazine (ALUX), an online magazine truthfully dedicated to the glitz and glamour of Africa. ALUX will provide current  news, blogs and information useful in locating exclusive travel destinations, fashion, interior decor, fine dining and lots more! We will also feature Africa’s notable talents, future leaders, power players and the vast wealth of Africa. We will celebrate emerging Africa in grandiose terms.

As you browse our website, rest assured that ALUX is backed by a reputable team of experts who take their jobs seriously in bringing you the most accurate and current information from the breathtaking continent of Africa!

To collaborate simply send us an email at info@africanluxurymag.com

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