5 African Power Couples


When you surround yourself with success, it quickly becomes a visual mantra and one starts believing in the old adage that, ‘Luck has a peculiar habit of favoring those who do not depend on it’. Africa is fast emerging as the new fertile ground for innovative success and among the inspiring stories emerges people who have taken bold detours to answer the calling of their true passion. Africans, who individually would have being regarded as very successful, have managed to add an extra punch to their storied lives by embracing a matrimonial union that uniquely qualifies them as Power Couples in Africa.

First is Nigeria’s Funke Osibodu and Victor Osibodu , she is the Chief executive of Union Bank of Nigeria one of the nation’s largest financial institutions and he the Chairman of Vigeo Holdings, a conglomerate that has diverse holdings in real estate and maritime.

Funke Osibodu and Victor Osibodu

 2. President Joyce Banda and Richard Banda of Malawi.

In this most unusual of unions the roles are reversed. The woman proudly wears the title of President of the nation Malawi’s first and the continent’s second female leader; she headed National Association for Business Women, an outfit dedicated to provide funding for female entrepreneurs. She has her man, the first black chief justice of Malawi a man of the law, Richard Banda was also a public prosecutor and captain of Malawi’s national soccer team.


3. Dr.Precious Moloi-Motsepe and Patrice Motsepe; South Africa

 Born into South Africa’s wealthiest family the Motsepe worth over $2.5 billion, Patrice now holds the title of 10th richest man in Africa, 4th in his native land. He is a lawyer and founder of African Rainbow Minerals. His stature only elevated when he married Dr. Precious Molo-Motsepe, she heads the Mosepe Family Foundation, often toasted as the Queen of South African Fashion, Precious is also an accomplished GP in her own right.

patrice motsepe precious moloi

4. Isabel Dos Santos and Sindika Dokolo Angola

Isabel is considered Africa’s richest woman, currently labeled Africa’s first female billionaire, she is the oldest daughter of Angola’s President and is an accomplished business woman, with her grip in telecom and retail both in Africa and Europe. Sindika her husband is a prolific Art collector and businessman whose family established the Bank of Kinshasa which he took over after his Father’s death. Theirs was a nuptuials for the ages rumoured to cost upwards of $4 million with a 1000+ guest list.

Isabel Dos Santos husband


5. Anna Getaneh and Admassu Tadesse.

Anna had a storied career as an International supermodel, graced the cover of vogue and other international fashion magazines, and strolled the catwalks of fashion capitals the world over. She currently heads a fundraising outfit ECF Ethiopian Children’s Fund and runs a fashion boutique in South Africa. Right by her side is her husband Admassu Tadesse who is President and CEO of the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank.

Anna Getaneh and Admassu Tadesse

Surely there is a plethora of stories in all corners of our great continent and many individuals who continue to push the boundries and make Africa a fertile ground for innovation and progress it is our duty to celebrate these people, firstly to acknowledge their success but more importantly to INSPIRE.