41 South African Beaches Bag Prestigious Blue Flag Label-Awards

Blue Flag, a prestigious and coveted label-award regarded by the World Tourism Organisation  as the most well-known global eco-label given to excellent beaches, marinas, and marine vessels in the world  has just been awarded to 41 South African beaches. For a travel destination to have such award only means being recognised for high quality of service and strict adherence to sound environmental practices. 01300624

Source: www.southafrica.net

Marking the National Marine Week this October 2013, the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) launched this year’s Blue Flag Programme at Ramsgate Beach in (KwaZulu-Natal) KZN.

All from South Africa, the 41 beaches have been awarded the  Blue Flag status by the 2013 International Blue Flag Jury. In addition, five marinas, two whale-watching boats, one private, and one commercial boats were also recognised and awarded by the jury.


Dolphin Beach, Cape Town South Africa (Source: loopingit.com)

WESSA’s National Coastal Programme Manager, Ted Knott, says during the awarding, “If we can succeed in having all of our coastal municipalities involved in the Blue Flag Programme and simultaneously ensure that the International Standards of the programme are maintained, then we can rest assured that our coast is being effectively managed; and marine and coastal biodiversity is being conserved.”

Now, all of these clearly show that South Africa has travel destinations at par or even better with the world’s best.

Having a coat line of 2, 798 kilometers, South Africa is naturally gifted with beautiful beaches. Its subtropical  location, moderated by ocean on three sides of the country and the elevation of its interior plateau, gives South Africa abundant sunlight and warmth.

Umzumbe Beach

Umzumbe Beach, Hibiscus Coast, South Africa (Source: www.umzumbechalets.co.za)

On the other hand, the South African Government gives high priority to education. In fact, it has one of the highest rates of public investment in education in the world, allotting 20% of its total state expenditure. This, in turn, makes its people refined and amiable, which tourists find beneficial.

For reference, the 2013 Blue Flag Jury Results can be viewed on the link provided herein.

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