“4 Fascinating Photographs of Africans at Work”


The typical photograph of a group of Africans standing next to water, pulling on something near a boat usually has something to do with fishing.  Recently, however, the tides seem to have changed for many African workers who find themselves near the sea.  Instead of throwing in fishing nets, they’re pulling out Fiber.  Fiber optics i.e. the hottest thing to have landed on the coastlines of West Africa lately.  The Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) optical fiber submarine Cable is a project undertaken by several countries to link Europe to the Coast of Africa.  This technology is expected to connect 23 countries between France and South Africa.  Some of them include Sierra Leone, Portugal, Guinea, Senegal, Namibia, and Nigeria.  The technology will reduce the digital divide, provide high bandwidth, enable broadband connectivity, and boost social and economic growth. The optical fiber cable carries the data inside and its physical attributes allows it to remain intact under water with little impact on the speed of data transmission from point to point. Broadband technology has become a fuel for today’s modern cities, proving to be one of the most useful technologies for social and economic growth around the world.


Located near Malindi, Kenya, this space station operated by an Italian space agency, in cooperation with Kenya and other countries is part of the worldwide mission to explore the Universe outside of Earth.   As a part of the European Space Agency (ESA), several projects are administered here, including certain satellite launches from its launch site.

"4 Fascinating Photographs of Africans at Work"

Like several other industries in South Africa, the auto manufacturing industry is a promising one.  Factories such as Volkswagen, has produced up to 3 million vehicles, averaging an export of about 40,000 annually.  In 2008, Toyota South Africa set out to export 140,000+ vehicles to about 40 locations worldwide.  The auto industry continues to be a booming industry in the country with plenty of opportunities for skilled workers.

"4 Fascinating Photographs of Africans at Work"

Oil is no stranger to Nigeria, neither will Nigeria become foreign to oil.  For decades, many Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike have generated a vast amount of wealth in the industry.  Some of the richest Africans in the world are themselves, oil tycoons.  Nigerian, Folorunsho Alakija, a successful oil tycoon in Nigeria,  recently replaced Oprah Winfrey as the wealthiest black woman in the world.

While it is not yet firmly certain that the whole continent is undergoing an industrial age, there are certainly new paradigm shifts that help to define the African’s response to work.