23 Breathtaking photos of the Island of Mauritius


23 Breathtaking photos of the Island of Mauritius 

The beautiful island of Mauritius is a cove of happiness. A drop of magic off the southeast coast of Africa, this island is sure to bring nothing but happiness and memories! The deep, beautiful blue water, the shining sun, and of course the amazing weather – what better place to vacation than Mauritius? Along with being a worthy getaway locale, Mauritius is host to many activities for vacationers to explore.

Mauritius boat rides

Deep Sea Fishing

The fishing experience, though not one many would attract to, is one everyone would enjoy or at least revel in  having had the experience. A countless amount of rare fish found in the Indian Ocean Mauritius lies within, drawing fishers from all around the world who want to practice the in breathtaking salt water.

Miles of Beaches

The beach scene on the island of Mauritius is truly like no other!  The famed beaches on Mauritius all have different personalities but are commonly famed for their soft white sand. One of the most popular beaches on the isle include the Trou aux Biches, which is ideal for a family being that is has shallow water. Another rarity found on this beach is its speciality in snorkelling services; Atlantis International Diving Services not only perfectly assists you in your snorkelling venture, but they also offer deep sea fishing as well! Belle Mare Plage is another striking beach located on Mauritius that is known for the East’s most popular diving site, “The Pass”, and also its great waves are perfect for windsurfing.


For those looking be carried away into an oasis, they should absolutely indulge themselves in the many different spas on the island of Mauritius. The most commended spa on the island is located at the Oberoi Hotel. A luxury hotel in all aspects, but the spa at this facility is immaculate. Offering a plethora of services that will surely entice relaxation and revitalization, their signature service are the Signature Indigenous Rituals which are basically designed for the ultimate physical calm that one can reach. This alone is something that has brought a number of tourists to Mauritius.


Every tourist, of course, loves a good shopping area; but, of course, a shopping trip where you not only take away material things, but an experience is one to be remembered, indeed. One of the most eminent things that are purchased on the island of Mauritius is the vibrant range of fabrics. The continent of Africa has always been a colourful and vibrant place with people just the same, so the way they dress would reflect that. With broad ranges of colours, textures, and detailing, the textile production in Mauritius is well acclaimed. Different types of pottery, basketwork, and spices are also popular goods found on the island. 


Domaine Anna Restaurant is one of the most raved about restaurants in Mauritius. The wonderful torch-lit setting along with its unique feel calls for a beautiful evening of fine dining. Guests are served while they dine in beautiful gazebos on man-made lakes, a true example of restaurateur talent, going that extra mile to give guests a truly individual dining experience. Mr Hang, owner of the Domaine Anna Restaurant, goes as far as to grow the vegetables used in every dish on his estate. Restaurant of Chinese primaries on the menu, and Domaine Anna calls for a great range of oriental dishes but also offers a lot of other types of foods.

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Image Source: Wetu.com