Zanzibar Fashion House – Diva’s Night Models Cast!


Zanzibar Fashion House – Diva’s Night Models Cast!


Zanzibar Fashion House has decided on the models who will showcase various outfits at their upcoming show, which is known as Diva’s Night, by different designers!

Black Fox Modeling Agency’s Jean Butanga, Melody Miranda, Glory Gideon, Jessy Richard and Dinah David will be the models who will help Zanzibar Fashion House promote local fashion and culture at an international level, at the fashion show that will take place on Friday, at Kendwa Rock, in the Isles.

Zanzibar, being one of the most popular tourism destinations, seems to be the perfect place to reach out to visitors, in hopes of improving their perception of the fashion industry and the new designer talent of the region.

We are certainly looking forward to the show, and wish Zanzibar Fashion House the best!


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