The Segera Retreat

The Segera Retreat

The Segera Retreat – Kenya

The beautiful lush scenery of Kenya hosts a great experience and something that should definitely be seen in ones lifetime.

The location of the Segera Retreat alone is enough to win you over. A home to an array of wildlife including lions, leopards, cheetahs and buffalo, this retreat is sure to bring you creatures you couldn’t see anywhere else. One specialty of the Segera wildlife is that it is a crossing of the migration of elephants – absolutely amazing!

The villas at the Segera are exquisite in their singularity. Elevated platforms that face all different parts of the Savannah call for fascinating morning and romantic nights. The villas feature a sun room, Jacuzzi bath tubs, and, most specially, hand picked art pieces to decorate the villa from Africa’s most renowned and talented artists. It also features horse stables, a gourmet wine tower, and a pricate art gallery, hosted by the owner of the Segera is to the avail of guests.

All in all, if you’re looking for a place that’s unique in not only what it offers but what you can experience, the Segera is definitely something to look into!

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