S.A.A.D (Single African And Dating)

leopard lady painting

Dating in 2013 is about as difficult as “having the perfect guy just land on your lap in 2013”. I mean is there someone for me to blame for not having met Mr. Perfect after 30 years of my existence. Could it just be that Mr. Perfect just does not exist? Could it simply be that I’m “selective”; I refuse to use the term “picky”. All I want is a funny guy, with some sense of style, culture and love for  adventure. Are there any out there or have they become extinct? I am a believer in fate…you know, just leaving it up to the universe to bring that ever-so charming man my way. I am also a sucker for romantic comedies so I’m thinking that I might need to invest in adopting a dog and allowing it to one day lead me to Mr. Perfect one fall afternoon while walking it to the park.

I once contemplated moving back home to Africa (yessss Africa as in the whole continent) and seeking out my husband as if I was the Princess of Zamunda. I figured I would start at the Nile River and stream my way down to the south. I was certain that Mr. Perfect would be awaiting for me in his native loin cloth leaving very little to the imagination. He would take one look at me and command me to be his wife! Ummmm but there’s one small problem, I don’t take well to commands. I like being asked…just about as much as I like to compromise. He would ask me, yes ask me to be his wife. We would skip the courting and awkward dates which usually end with a guy not knowing what to do with his hands. Well with this Prince of mine, he would know to place his masculine hands on the small of my back, he would know to take my hand when crossing the mean streets of the concrete jungle, he would know to press his hand across my heartbeat as I press mine against his. He would know what to do without complications…without a reader’s guide to dating. My compromise would be leaving everything horrific I ever experienced during my life in Singledom behind me…to embrace my Prince and our Kingdom. To not question his motives because I will know that everything he does will be with the best intentions for us. I will compromise my aggressive nature and allow him to make me feel safe…happy…content and most of all alive.

I often daydream about how my life of being Single, African and dating would be if I was a man…One thing’s for sure, I would pay more attention to the woman that pays even more attention to me. I would tell her what I’m thinking instead of allowing her to second guess my thoughts. I would learn the meaning of love before hearing her say that “she loves me too”…I would be that man that she wouldn’t have to travel out of the country to meet…