POD Boutique Hotel

pod hotel south africa

POD Boutique Hotel

Camps Bay, an affluent suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.

With resident attractions such as City Centre, V&A Waterfront, and Cape Town International Airport, the POD Hotel Boutique is the perfect getaway to completely separate you from the world. Submerge yourself in sunlight and remarkable beaches.

The three main beaches along the sun-kissed Atlantic coastline are recruited for their individual specialisms. Camps Bay beach is acknowledged for its velvety ivory sands. Clifton beaches are notorious because of their large rock structures and luxury real estate. Must be the best of both worlds to live on a vacation site, if only we could all be that lucky! Llandudno beach is noted in reason for its location at base of the Twelve Apostles mountain range; a distinguished picnic spot in Cape Town.

Allures of the POD Boutique Hotel include illustrious art galleries, top museums, and an abundance of shopping centers. The most alluring attraction to me at the POD is the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, which show cases a broad range of over 3,000 sea animals.

The dining experience at the POD Boutique Hotel includes many exquisite fine dining restaurants, The Round House, The Bungalow, and The Cod Father are a few of the select upper-end restaurants that tourists should definitely make an experience out of visiting.

The POD Boutique Hotel does not only have lots to offer within its setting, but many surrounding attractions and specialties that are sure to bring people near and far to explore.

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