Meet Nigerian sisters Ogo and Chinyelu “Chichi” Offodile of Poodle Pushers


Meet Nigerian Sisters Ogo and Chinyelu “Chichi” Offodile of Poodle Pushers

Ever wonder who is behind some of Solange Knowles’ epic style choices? Meet Nigerian sisters Ogo and Chinyelu “Chichi” Offodile of Poodle Pushers, newbies to the fashion styling industry but they come with so much more.


Ogo Offodile and  (L) Chinyelu “Chichi” Offodile (R)

The sisters born one year a part share a bond so strong that they missed the twin mark by a mere stitch. Standing 5’11” and 5’10” respectively, the twenty-something dynamic duo share a rare killer quality; they have beauty and brains. Both have earned a master’s degree in Information Technology and work as full-time employees in the corporate world – Ogo as a Network Engineer and Systems Administrator and Chichi as a Technology Consultant.

So how did these self-proclaimed computer geeks end up as one of the most sort after names in fashion styling? The sisters told Bella Naija “as youngsters in Nigeria, we always played dress up and loved making doll clothes. Our passion and flare for fashion and styling only grew stronger as we got older. It took a life of its own and has now manifested into our fashion styling company Poodle Pusher. We love what we do as fashion stylists, the fulfillment we get from styling our clients, and seeing the whole picture come together is what makes having Poodle Pusher as a business all worthwhile.”

Tough the sisters had no professional training in the fashion industry, their passion for fashion led to their forming a wardrobe and fashion stylist company, affectionately named Poodle Pushers, in November 2008. Their “core objective is centered on successfully carrying out lifestyle changes and transformations through renewing the image of their clients. The idea of Poodle Pusher isn’t just about a lady walking a dog, it signifies more – her lifestyle, prestige, finesse, class and self-awareness. A poodle pusher is a simplistic young lady with class…She thinks ignorance and arrogance are the unnecessary traits one should encompass. She is in total control of her life and believes anything less would be appalling. Like all parts of her life, her image transcends confidence and speaks volumes about who she is.”

Starting from the ground up, through self-study, large amounts of time dedicated to research and getting as much on site styling experience as possible they have become so successful that they are now transplants from Washington D.C. to the New York City.  And business is booming; they offer an array of services from wardrobe consulting, fashion styling for photo shoots, personal shopper, and they will even coordinate a client’s entire transformation by providing access to top tier hair stylists, makeup artists, nutritionists, personal trainers and boutiques. They now style celebrities, i.e. Brandy Norwood, do styling for magazine editorials, ad campaigns, music videos and working with fashion houses. But the face of their brand thus far has been Solange Knowles and her unique style offerings. Since they first worked together for an African influenced photo shoot in 2010 Poodle Pushers is Solange’s go to team when she wants to make an impact at an event. Have a look see at a few of their collaborative efforts below.



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To find out more about the duo check out their website here.