Maji Beach Boutique Hotel


Maji Beach Boutique Hotel, Diani Beach, Kenya

The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel is a five-star dream destination for travelers who want to experience everything Africa’s leading beach destination, Diani beach, has to offer, on their own terms. This gorgeous, exclusive boutique hotel’s stellar hospitality and beautiful design ensure that their guests will more than enjoy their stay.

The name of the boutique hotel derives from the Swahili word for water, ‘Maji’, and the element of life does indeed seem to be the main ambience theme; with the fantastic reserved beach that’s facing the Indian Ocean, the hotel’s extensive swimming pool that encircles the gorgeous structure and various other features, water seems to envelop the senses in a refreshing and revitalizing way.

Furthermore, the hotel offers 15 uniquely designed and decorated rooms, to ensure that they will definitely suit each and every guest’s taste, and also features customizable services, which can tend to their customer’s needs at any time.

The breathtaking garden and public areas are spacious enough to host up to 150 guests for various functions, such as weddings.

The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel’s motto seems to be ‘Feel. Dream. Relax‘, and we think it is very appropriate for this luxurious, classy destination!

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