Jacana Camp

Jacana Camp

This camp is sure to attract lovers of luxury and nature alike.  A beautiful experience where one can find peace of mind away from the regularities of life, I definitely reccoment the Jacana camp is a quaint,  outdoor getaway.

The camp is surrounded by crystal clear water which makes the area one of the healthier wildlife camps to visit. The mokoro adventure offered by the Camp provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience that anyone who values the worlds natural beauty will cherish forever.

Game drives are offered by the Camp as well giving the guests a better view of all of the different wildlife and animals in the area; if you’re lucky, you may even catch interaction between predator and prey. Guests are able to enjoy their meals in the unique dining setting, placed in between kt grand fig trees – an uncommon yet welcoming experience.

In total, Jacana Camp is most definitely a great place to have an escape from busy schedules and be placed into a secluded sector of nature where calmness and peace reign.

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