DumaTau Camp

For the ultimate gamer, DumaTau camp is a perfect place where they can view all the interesting wildlife in Botswana. A luxury tented camp on the private Linyanti wildlife reserve, DumaTau holds a reputation for being a great outdoor experience as well as a luxury camp.

A positive and very modern advantage that DumaTau has over other wildlife camps is that the cam is tun on solar energy. Not only will you be bonding with nature, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing you are contributing to the movement of using solar powered energy – very green!

When at the DumaTau Camp in Botswana, you are more than likely to run into great elephant herds that pass by the sight every now and then. The Long Linyanti River is perfect for coasting and having a drink or you can opt to spend your evenings scoping out the nocturnal wildlife near the clear channels.

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