My name is Tumisola Ladega, I am 15 years old and I live in the United Kingdom.  I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer since I was about six years of age, probably because my dad is a designer too (an architect by profession) and even though my mum is a dentist she is still in love with fashion, so I probably got the creativity aspect from my parents. As a child my absolute love was art and design and the thought of being able to work in that field was perfect.   In the year 2005, I started drawing designs and although they were much simpler ones, everybody that saw them liked them.  Whenever I told people that I want to be fashion designer, they would always laugh and say I would grow out of it, that it is really hard to become successful in the fashion industry, but I am 100% positive I will always want to be a fashion designer. Another love of mine is styling, modelling and photography I hope they will also be a part of my career.

Contrary to the common notion that fashion designing is not practical, I believe that fashion is life. Fashion shows personality as one can be judged merely by what they wear. This reflects in various world stage glamorous events when stars walking on the red carpet are asked which fashion designer they are wearing, buttressing the fact that without fashion the world would be dull.

My dream is to be a world renowned fashion designer. Showcasing my collections at all major fashion weeks like Mercedes Benz New york and London Fashion week. I also aspire ‘Tumiila’ stores to spread worldwide in all the major fashion capitals and more! Some designers that particularly inspire me are Zac Posen, Stephane Rowland, Alexander McQueen and Gianni Versace. In a few years I hope to see myself dressing celebrities, breaking records, setting a pace and working up my name in the fashion industry.At the moment, I am studying textile and art GCSE, developing my label ‘Tumiila’ and blog ‘http://www.tumisolasnotebook.blogspot.co.uk/‘, making annual collections and showing at as many fashion show I can find.

My Inspiration

When I sit down with a pencil and sketch pad drawing my designs I imagine them on a model walking down the catwalk. I design a wide range of clothes from ready to wear couture to avant guard. I love the use bold colours or patterns that would otherwise clash to make a beautiful garment. I also like to use a range of patterns and prints such as african wax prints because I feel it makes the design extra special. I take inspiration from everything whether it’s a plug socket or blinds, anything can make a beautiful garment.

I know this is cliché but when I walk past a shop or read a magazine, I imagine my designs on show and a crowd of people queuing to get inside the shop or buying the magazine, simply because of my designs and how unique they are.                                                                                              I am looking forward to getting into one of the top three fashion schools in the UK – Central St Martins College of Arts & Design, Chelsea College of Arts & Design or London School of Fashion.

I finished in 2nd place in the Celebration of Young Designer Awards 2011 with my garment inspired by the works of the Artist Wassily Kandinsky. I chose Kandinsky because I love bright colours, shapes and form so I thought that his work would be perfect for me, as his pieces show a range of contrast, geometry and colour. I have also made a 2012 collection inspired by Alexander McQueen and the life under sea it is called ‘Midnight Aqua Marine’  which I showecased in Miami, at the FDE.

In the year 2013 I created my second collection ‘Monochain‘ which I showed at Africa Fashion Week London, Maryland Fashion. The inspiration for the collection began when I decided it would be cool the make a shirt completely out of chains, then from there I ran run with the idea of a chain inspired collection which I contrasting element of black and white.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/TumisolaLadega
Tumblr: http://theoneandonlytumi.tumblr.com/
Instagram: TUMISOLA