Thula Sindi

Thula Sindi

From his formative years at the National School of the Arts, to his recent title of the Small Enterprise Development Agency’s Best Youth Entrepreneur of 2012, and SA Tourism’s South African Designer of the Year for 2012, Thula Sindi has proved himself more than just a designer. He is an artist and a true visionary.

With experience in both the international – having served as the Head Designer at Vlisco Netherlands B.V – as well the local South African fashion industry, Sindi combines his consummate flair for design with a keen focus and business savvy.

“My aim is to successfully build a large proudly African independent design enterprise, with beautiful, locally-manufactured merchandise. To prove that it is possible to have a designer-led business with ethical manufacturing practices, whilst creating a business model for other aspiring designers to follow in order to achieve commercial and creative success in the industry” – Thula Sindi.

“Quality, love and a little lavishness”: One of the many statements used by the South African Fashion Industry to describe the work of Thula Sindi.  Moreover, this statement also happens to aptly describe the desires and aspirations of almost every woman. Thula Sindi as a brand has a unique understanding of the potential of fashion to not only clothe a woman, but also to uplift, inspire and celebrate her. Thula Sindi’s exquisite and delicately crafted masterpieces make for women’s clothing that is not only trendy, but is as timeless, dynamic, elegant and as sophisticated as the Thula Sindi customer aspires to be.

The Thula Sindi brand understands its customer and since its establishment in 2005 – it has quickly gained a loyal following amongst women who appreciate well-made, intelligently designed and reasonably priced clothing. The Thula Sindi customer is not content with settling for the limited options available in South Africa’s deeply polarized retail clothing environment that is either very low-end (bargain bin) or very high-end (boutique).