Republic of Foreigner (R.O.F)

ONE for ALL & ALL for ROF

She dances out the wilderness with colorful spirit,

Holds hands with both love and chaos in calm and light,

She’s always…

a diamond in the ROF.

For the consumer who searches for individuality and style, ROF is a creative lifestyle brand in Nigeria and beyond offering customers a unique mix of style, beauty, and quality that together are the foundation of a modern wardrobe.

A lady in the ROF is International chic—she has a creative soul, and exudes a sense of style, playfulness, and confidence with her dressing. Her wardrobe is curated by eclectic pieces picked up from her exotic travels and vintage finds.

She is truly a diamond in the ROF.

Founded in 2010, ROF is a Nigerian apparel and lifestyle brand in which global cultural influences meet in a modern collaboration of spirit and senses—It is artistry blended with a contemporary aesthetic capturing individuality, style, and wearability.

Sisters, Carmen and Selina Sutherland, are the creative forces behind ROF. Their designs are inspired by a mutual love of film, art, and design. Operating from their hometown of Lagos, Nigeria, and hailing from Parsons The New School for Design, this bohemian inspired fashion duo produce eclectic designs for the modern hippie.

Republic of Foreigner (R.O.F)

It all starts with roughly fleshed-out ideas thrown at free-to-dream designers, master graphic designers, and innovative creatives. Ingenious connections are formed, artistic relics discovered, beautiful garments are made, and wishes fulfilled. Finally, the pieces come together, beautifully—although a little ‘ROF’ around the edges. The result is a refreshingly high-quality online publication that blends the line between fashion house, book, and blog creating a keepsake for our readers to cherish!

WORLD OF ROF is dedicated to the creative ideals of contemporary Nigerian fashion label, ROF. Our motto is to inform, educate, and enlighten whilst promoting the best in art, food, fashion, music, and travel, visually endorsing the who, what, or where is happening internationally!

So join us in the World of ROF!