House of Form & Function

The idea of House of Forms and Function was birthed in 2005 and established in 2006. An uncommon genre in the fashion industry, the name was conceived from the ideology of the famous Architect Louis Sullivan,” form and function”. The House of forms and function is a bespoke tailoring outfit for men. Behind the Label are the Creative Directors: Babatunde Olufon and Olufemi George.

Babatunde Olufon studied Architecture at the University of Lagos graduating with a distinction in his Master’s degree, While in University, he also ventured into the world of fashion. His career as a fashion designer and Architect has spanned over a decade. He also consults on space planning for other fashion designers. His love for fashion started in his childhood where he followed his mum to the tailors; He later developed and cultivated this skill in the University; where he amended his clothes to always get a perfect fit. He believes clothing is a tool to improve confidence and also a platform to be distinguished. Being the best dressed male in the Dept. (an award he won back to back over his school years) further deepened his conviction to be in the fashion Industry.

Olufemi George is an honors graduate of the University of Lagos where he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. He started out his career in the banking industry and then moved into the Financial Services industry in 2006. In 2005, He developed an interest in the Nigerian Fashion industry and partnered with Babatunde Olufon to start House of Forms and Function. His love for fashion was inspired by his partner Babatunde Olufon and by some of his cousins who were always impeccably dressed. He also had first-hand experience with the importance of being well dressed when he started his career in marketing in the banking industry and saw that he was addressed based on the way he was dressed; that led to his focus on his dressing and he is proof that fashion as art can be learnt. His career in the fashion industry has spanned over 7 years and He currently manages the Middle East and African Region of the business as the CEO and His partner other international Regions with a focus of expansion in North America and Europe.

House of Forms and Function tailors bespoke outfits for men ranging from English wear (suits, blazers, tailcoats, trousers) to traditional wear (native attire). They are wedding specialists and have tailored outfits for over 150 weddings. They are also into fashion consulting for individuals and corporate organizations. They consult on dress code policies for corporate organizations, train on dressing etiquette and personal grooming and also co-ordinate dress codes for events. It is not uncommon in today’s fashion industry to see two young gentlemen come together with a fashion philosophy. But their fashion philosophy is one that sets them apart from all others. Both designers are particular about the cut, the fit and the style of their outfits and they do not compromise on these 3 things.
They are inspired by various designers like Oswald Boateng, Dolce and Gabana, Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford. Their style is also influenced by the English gentleman and they love the Italian cut for suits.

Our Philosophy, Style and Beliefs
We believe that every man should be a gentleman not only in character but in appearance.

We believe every man should be well groomed, well dressed and exude confidence. We design our clothes to ensure that you are always dressed for the occasion either at work, relaxing or attending a function.

We believe every man should be dressed the way they want to be addressed and we dress our clients to look elegant and sophisticated.

We believe that your clothes should suit the purpose for which you are wearing them.

We believe that looking good must be a deliberate attempt and as fashion consultants we are interested in your garment from conception to the finished product. We go beyond just designing, we advise on care for your garments and even the right accessories that would bring the best of your garments.