Ayo Van Elmar

Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun, the creative director of Ayo van Elmar, and the one who you are staring at as you read this, moved to Vienna, Austria, at the age of 18 and thought about starting her own label with her co-founder, Elmar Drabek, after completing her first degree from the University of Vienna, where she studied nutritional sciences.

Ayo is currently enrolled in the master programme of fashion design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, one of Europe’s most renowned art universities. Ayo is committed to impacting lives through successful business ventures, training African youth, especially women to become professionals in the fashion industry. Ayo is the founder of the sunshine project, a charity mission.

Ayo is energetic and optimistic, a purpose-driven leader and a natural-born enterpreneur. Ayo believes in getting understanding in all she does and has a passion for God. She loves great cuisines, she loves to read, travel and explore her world!


A global household brand providing high quality and unique afrocentric wear with utmost attention on 100%customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility.

AYO VAN ELMAR (AVE) is a fast emerging brand that was launched in May 2011 and has indeed grown in leaps and bounds.

AVE’s style can be described as Afro-European fusion fashion that is inspired by the creative director’s cross-cultural experience.

Ayo van Elmar is one of a kind, its strengths are rooted in exploring the beauty of afrocentric fabrics and creating exquisite styles for the one who is liberal, who is cosmopolitan, who is open-minded and the one who believes that elegance knows no bounds. For the soul that embraces going beyond borders to add a fine touch of difference to their wardrobe.

Ayo van Elmar has successfully showcased colletions at the Nigeria, Vienna and London fashion week. Ayo van Elmar was also contracted to design the wardrobe for the TV shows; Nigeria’s Got Talent (2012) and Glo X-Factor West Africa (2013)