Amede is a stylish label owned by Amede Nzeribe, a lawyer turned designer, who is fast becoming one of the leading lights of the vibrant Nigerian Fashion scene. Her clothing has been featured in top-rated publications, such as True Love West Africa, Genevieve Magazine, The Guardian Newspaper and on television such as Big Brother Nigeria (MNET), The Scoop (NTA) and 100% Naija (Channel O)..

Her unique ability to weave together stunning combinations of colours and fabrics is perhaps inherited from her late mother, the legendary Flora Nwapa, Africa’s first female novelist, whose writing weaved together poignant themes and authentically Nigerian characters. Amede’s clothes command attention because they seem to achieve the impossible – beautifully constructed clothing in comfortable fabrics and styles. Her clothes are unmistakably African, with flowing shapes and rich colours, but they are coupled with a modern twist. She adds frills, unusual buttons, beads and sequins, funky high-cut collars, a variety of sleeves and other surprising touches. The end result is a rare combination of timeless and edgy.

Part of the magic of Amede’s clothing is that she designs almost all her own fabrics, so that you are often wearing a true original. The majority of her designs are one-offs and when she does reproduce, it is limited to very small quantities. Amede’s inspiration is literally the world around her – the nature, the patterns in a piece of jewelery or a rug, the colours of a painting. She designs with a wide variety of fabrics, from chiffon to cotton, linen to brocade, jersey, silk and satin. Amede also works with commercially available ankara, however she uses it so creatively or in unusual combinations with other fabrics, that the cloth becomes almost unrecognizable.