Chole Mjini Lodge

Chole Mjini Lodge

Chole Mjini Lodge– Tanzania

If you are tilted more on the adventure side, then Chole Mjini Lodge in Tanzania is for you. It is not your daily hackneyed hotel where you only expect to be greeted by mundane air-conditioned room, predictable food, and standard room service.

Instead, this is an amazing place where rustic tree houses with great beds rule! Chole Mjini Lodge will let you play and experience the real castaway fantasy role. It is a jungle island retreat appealing to anyone who appreciates the joys of simple luxuries.

The food here are home-grown and cooked in delectable Swahili recipes. It has sunsets to die for and sunrises to look forward to. Surprisingly, within your beautiful tree house, you will learn to appreciate the beauty of Oil Lamps as they shed light in every magnificent night of your stay.

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