The Auto Industry Courts Africa

bmw 2014

A big sign of the ever-changing financial power of Africans is the enthusiasm among the auto-makers of the world to promote their products in one of the fastest growing market outside of Asia.

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The Johannesburg International Motor show, much like the cars shows that have wowed car enthusiasts and upward mobile people in developed countries of Europe, Asia, and the Americas, is becoming a staple event in this bustling  Southern African capital city. Held every two years, it is estimated to attract a quarter of a million people, comprising a big splice of the professional and business community, TV and print media, along with the general public. Scores will flock to feast on the latest offerings from auto giants like Land Rover, BMW, Toyota, and Mercedes Benz. Focusing on what it calls a ‘sporty’ theme this year, Audi will unveil the RS4Avant alongside BMW’s i8 plug-in hybrid — a production version of its fuel efficient concept vehicle it introduced a few years ago. There is an exciting new brand from Nissan Motor sports called the Nismo, a first in South Africa, with two models: the 370Z and the ever popular GT-R.  Although the car industry has been plagued by worker-strikes the past few months, Ford’s Chief executive remains committed to expanding the brand and establishing a continent-wide footprint starting with continued participation in the South African market.

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