ALUX Magazine 2014 New Year Resolutions

2014 is finally on the way and we here at ALUX Magazine believe that this is the year of luxurious style. Now is always the best time to redefine your style with New Year Resolutions and we are pretty convinced that your can achieve your goals with our 8 Alux magazine resolutions. So why not go ahead and add these commitments to your everyday style? Plus for 2014, you can count on us to be the premiere go-to guide on all things luxurious from an African perspective including the biggest trends to keeps your spirits buoyed. So without further ado, here are our resolutions for 2014.

2014 new years resolution

1. Dress up in lady-like silhouettes: A pretty dress may not represent a shift in your everyday style, but the new collections from go-to designers including our very own African designers are a thing of beauty. Start your year buy choosing to wear lady-like silhouettes that would instantly make you feel beautiful.

2. Invest in luxurious African prints by upcoming designers: Extend the glamour of your wardrobe by incorporating new styles from up and coming African designers. Whether you like prints or feel-good fashion from ethically conscious designers, do stop by often for countless styles to choose from.

3. Wear Color: Colors are in. I see yellows, and blues, plus green and pink, whatever you choose, do give your closet a new life with a splash of color.

4. Accessorize with statement pieces: We are betting on statement accessories for the New Year and luckily, we absolutely adore all sorts, from stunning jewels to the year’s most irresistble pieces, follow us for all the latest trends.

5. Stay grounded with new flats: Flats are also in. Take a break from all your 3 inch heels with chic plats that will make you feet look and feel luxurious

6. Try new floral scents: Plans for the year may fade, but floral scents are eternal. For 2014, make a commitment to try one or two floral scents. You’ll be glad you did.

7. Learn a tip or two from our ALUX Style Muse: We love style and our 2014 ALUX Style Muse embody luxurious style to the fullest. Stop by often to learn a tip from these fashion-forward stylish women of African descent.

8. Embrace hot lips: We saved the best for the last. For a luxurious 2014. embrace the hot lipstick colors currently making makes. It is the finishing touch you will need for any ensemble…