14 Year Old Nigerian Wiz Kid Creates Africa’s Facebook.

Terkura-Unongo.Getty Images

Since the creation of Friendster in 2002, social media sites are springing up like mushrooms; and right now, the most popular social media is Facebook. Created by Mark Zuckerberg  with the help of his Harvard colleagues, this social networking site has now more than 1 billion users.

It is worth checking out, though, that there is a kid in Nigeria, who, at a tender age of 14, already seems to have the genius of  Zuckerberg. Young as he is, he already created a social media site that would rival Facebook in the coming years! Meet Terkura Unongo, a ninth grader at Hillcrest (Secondary) School in Jos, Nigeria whose website Imongo, is now making big waves on the World Wide Web.

Surprisingly, this whiz kid from Nigeria has created Imongo from scratch all by himself. Just like any other kid whose exposure with computers and the internet starts at a very young age, Unongo’s first exposure with computer was all about video games when he was 5. Later on,  when the likes of Facebook and Twitter are becoming more popular among his age group, he became curious about how such websites work. Hence, he started learning scripting languages like html, css, and java script, among others until he was able to create his own websites.

It is really heart-warming to see that while most kids of his age are only thinking about having fun, Unongo has already the thirst to do something good for his country. “It was a drive to make a positive impact. I was watching other social networks like Face book and twitter and wondering why we in Nigeria didn’t have sites like them,” Unongo said in an interview. He painstakingly wrote thousands of codes and spent countless numbers of hours in front of the computer until the site was finally up and running.  Imongo is now gaining huge popularity in Africa and when he was asked if he would sell it if in case someone approaches him with a good price, he replied, “…I’m not selling Imongo unless you are willing to pay an outrageous fee of $500 billion.” When he was asked again why he would not sell his website for less than $500 billion, he emphasized that, “The point isn’t the money. Money isn’t the main aim. The main aim is creating an interactive place that is different, that is original, that is Africa.”

Terkura Unongo is a young Nigerian visionary who is ahead of his time. At his young age of 14, this African kid will certainly go a long way  to make grander and bigger achivements none of us would have thought. And who knows, the next Facebook might actually be Imongo, the social networking site made in Nigeria Africa!

                                                                                             Source: Allafrica.com